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Night Lase Sleep Apnea Euless Texas

Laser Snoring Treatment


Snore less. Sleep better. The whole house will thank you! This simple 15 minute procedure uses laser energy to heat the tissues of the airway resulting in a tightening effect that helps to keep your airway open. NightLase® is performed in three short treatments spaced over two months with no anesthesia. The procedure is comfortable and you can resume your daily routine immediately afterwards. Patients even report success and ease of breathing after the first session!

““I highly recommend the NightLase® treatment to
anyone who snores or has sleep apnea. I was blown away with how much better I could breathe immediately after my very first treatment. I no longer have trouble swallowing when eating, don’t get choked, am able to sleep all through the night for the first time in years, and wake up far better rested. I can honestly say this treatment changed (and possibly saved) my life! My wife thanks you as well…

~ Willie, TX review on the Laser Snoring Treatment

night last for sleep apnea -before


night last for sleep apnea -after