Preventive Exams / Physicals

Preventative Exams Wellness Euless Texas

Preventive care is everyone’s responsibility and preventive exams are recommended annually.  The purpose of a routine preventive exam is to identify potential health concerns early, when they are easier to treat, stop, or even reverse. The exam is focused on prevention and not a current health problem or issue, which would require a separate visit. Preventive exams, also referred to as annual physicals or wellness visits, are covered 100% by major insurance plans.

During your appointment your vital signs and medical history will be taken and reviewed. The medical provider will also exam your skin, heart, lung, head, neck, ears, throat, & abdomen.  Additional exams may be added depending on your gender and age.  Blood and urine testing will be performed, including cholesterol, blood sugar, kidney & liver functions.

Taking care of your children

Many organizations require a physical once a year or before participating in any physical activity at a school, camp or community organization. Regular physicals are a chance for healthcare providers to discuss important health issues with children and their parents or guardians. These exams can make sure that the child is healthy and physically prepared to participate in activities.

Sports Physicals Euless Texas

Minors must be accompanied by an adult chaperone or guardian and have parental/guardian permission.